CEP Transportes launches new website, invests in technology and implements protocols

Without stopping a single day, the company continues with its objectives and invests to provide excellent service. The new CEP Transportes website is an example of this dynamism. With more information, responsive and bilingual, it integrates the entire network and facilitates the daily lives of customers and franchisees.

What is the new normal? For Fernando Cavalheiro, president of CEP Transportes, the new normal will take everyone out of comfort. It will be necessary to rethink what the market will really want going forward and to be successful it will be necessary to generate value, to deliver beyond what is the core business of each company.

“And that has always been the objective of CEP Transportes. Since the foundation, we seek every day to deliver beyond the simple transfer. It’s the technology; the connection; the term and the net form of payment; the protocols; 24-hour duty with bilingual service; the structure network throughout Brazil. The new normal is our routine ”, says Cavalheiro.

In the past few months, while we were in quarantine, the company has never stopped working. They acquired the Responsible Tourism seal, adapted the vehicles, guided employees, applicants and end clients, installed partitions in the cars and now launched the new website.

Modern, integrated, efficient and effective

More modern, with all the necessary information to facilitate the users’ routine, whether they are clients, franchisees or employees, responsive to any platform, integrated with the reservation system and very dynamic. This is the new CEP Transportes website.

It took three months of great dedication until the launch of the new CEP Transportes website (www.ceptransportes.com.br ), but the result will please everyone. “Now travel agencies will have our reservation system integrated with their system, without having to go to the CEP website. Just enter your login and password and book directly from your platform”, explains Fernando Cavalheiro.

The new website was developed with the latest in technology for websites. “As there is a lot of information, we ran the risk of having a very heavy website, so we made several studies and attempts until reaching the final result. In fact, 20 new sites were created, as in addition to the headquarters, each franchisee has their own personalized site and integrated with the CEP Transportes system. The CEP Blog was also integrated into the website”, says Kênia Martins Valadares, from Press Play, the company responsible for the project.

Adequate and implemented protocols

Three major fronts guided the actions of CEP Transportes during this period: the end client, applicants and employees. Each designed in detail to meet all needs and surprise the external and internal customer.

For the end customer, training was given to drivers, an upgrade in the application, partitions were installed in executive cars, which are sanitized and cleaned after each use, and the traffic protocol with the glass slightly open was adopted. “We have these actions in all units in the country, with everyone involved speaking the same language, with the same procedures”, says Cavalheiro.

For the agencies, there was the integration of the system, the implementation of 100% of the algorithm for online purchase, in a fast and practical way, online payment and the integration of tools in any cloud and any environment.

According to Cavalheiro, this improved the customer relationship process, in a 100% secure environment for online tools. In addition, with regard to the applicant’s experience, the access panel allows generating reports online and upgrading the tools with several improvements.

“Requests have become much more friendly, practical and efficient because we have turned the key to one hundred percent algorithm and we are the only company in the industry that has this. The matrix and the entire network. In this respect, we also work with all units”, explains Fernando Cavalheiro.

The renovation, sanitization, disinfection and cleaning of the entire office directly serves the needs of employees who work at CEP Transportes headquarters. New distance models, custom masks were created and the process was improved even when working entirely at home. Training for suppliers, employees and the entire network has been constant.

“The restructuring of the office, with an extensive renovation that involved the painting of the whole and headquarters, relocation of furniture and computers giving distance between employees, placement of gel alcohol in all areas of the office, compliance with basic guidelines and recommended safety protocols , all to ensure safety and tranquility for our employees ”, says Cavalheiro.

Technology with personality

“Since the beginning of this quarantine period, we have promoted online training with the new tool for several agencies, such as Flytour, Copastour, Primetour and Costabrava. What we receive as feedback from everyone is that our system is far beyond the market, especially with regard to response time and agility in processes”, celebrates President Fernando.

The new tool was fully designed and created by CEP Transporte. And it works perfectly because it was designed by those who understand and work on a daily basis with the market and know all the nuances of the sector, the needs of each party involved in the process. “I am the father of this child”, jokes Fernando Cavalheiro.

“It is a high investment of time and money, but it is worth it for the positive reaction of the market. And we will continue to invest in this line of work: technology and personalized service to always serve beyond what the customer expects and needs. For us, the new normal is sought daily”, concludes Cavalheiro.

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