CEP Transportes leads the market, according to ABRACORP survey

Abracorp (Brazilian Association of Corporate Travel Agencies) constantly conducts research on the market in which its members operate and areas related to the sector. Among their surveys are quarterly car rental data. “CEP Transportes led daily sales between April and June in 2019, and remained in first place also in 2020, in the same period”, explained Fernando Cavalheiro, president of the company.

If, on the one hand, leadership is cause for celebration, on the other, the survey shows the fall in the sector. “We sold around one million reais in the second quarter of 2019 and, in that year, we totaled approximately R$150 thousand reais. The numbers demonstrate our leadership, even with the pandemic. But they also prove that the sector has been hit hard. Therefore, we have taken some measures that help to maintain consumer confidence. Today, we are a support for companies to continue working, guaranteeing the mobility of their employees safely”, added the executive.

According to the president of CEP Transportes, in the last few months, training was given to all drivers, including franchisees, investments made in the system, with the application being upgraded, and partitions installed in executive cars, which are carefully sanitized and cleaned after each use. “We also adopted the protocol of traveling with the glass slightly open, with the air conditioning on, so that the temperature is always between 22 and 23 degrees. We have these actions in all units in the country, with everyone involved speaking the same language, with the same procedures”, said Cavalheiro.

In the past few months, while most people were in quarantine, the company has never stopped working. CEP Transportes received the Responsible Tourism seal, promoted the adequacy of vehicles, in addition to guiding employees, applicants and end customers. “During this period, we also made investments in the review of all processes, in addition to updating our registration,” added the president of CEP Transportes.

New site approved by users

It took three months of great dedication until the launch of the new CEP Transportes website (www.ceptransportes.com.br), but the result is serving all users well. “Now, travel agencies have our reservation system integrated with their system, without having to go to the CEP website. Just enter your login and password and book directly from your platform ”, explains Fernando Cavalheiro.

The new tool was fully thought out and created by CEP Transportes. And it works perfectly because it was designed by those who work daily in the executive transport market and know all the nuances of the sector, the needs of each party involved in the process. “I am the father of this child”, jokes Fernando Cavalheiro.

“It is a high investment of time and money, but it is worth it for the positive reaction from the market. And we will continue to invest in this line of work: technology and personalized service to always serve beyond what the customer expects and needs. We seek the new normal daily, since the founding of CEP Transportes ”, concludes Cavalheiro.

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